We have puppies, 3 males and 4 females, born 9/2, ready to leave home 7/4: 


 SEUCH NOUCH NO V- 09 Unda Marina My Funny Valentine (Valle) HD/A ED/0.0 PHPT Negativ
and Dungens Ready Or Not (Hexa) HD/B ED/0.0 PHPT Negativ (by heritage)


See Puppies



160101: We have puppies born 2015-12-24 , ready to be delivered 18/2/2016
Both male and female can be booked!


Dungens Keezes Of Heaven "Hicka" and Lukai Van Het Earlskamp are now mated, and we are expeted puppies at the end of december. See Matings


Dungen Heaven's On Fire "Alice" and Dungen Nice Guy "Hugo" are now mated, and we are expeted puppies at the end of november or the beginning of december. See Matings


Alice had no puppies this time, we are trying with Hugo again in September / October.
We will also mate Hicka, probably in November.  The male is not determined at 100% yet, so we will come back with that.


We are expecting puppies after Dungen Heaven's On Fire "Alice" HD / A ED / 0 PHPT negative through inheritance
and Dungen Nice Guy "Hugo" HD / B ED / 0 PHPT negative through inheritance
The puppies are expected v28
/ 29



Dungen Nice Guy took "Best of Breed" at the prestigious Crufts show in England.
He is the only Swedish dog that won this major exhibition,
He also took BIS 1 at SKK show in Vanersborg, which was the first BIS 1 since 1986/87, I hope it not take as many years as this until we see a Kees stand BIS again ....

20150607 News
We have been to some shows

Show results

Dungen Ready Or Not BOB
Dungen Nice Guy as 1 ck bhkl 1 BOB
Dungen Keezes Of Heaven excellent 1 CK best female BOS 1

Keeshondringens show in Vårgårda
Dungen Ready Or Not 6-9mån HP BOB
Dungen Rhythm Of Love HP
Dungen Ring Of Fire 6-9mån HP BOS puppy
Dungen Nice Guy excellent 1 ck bhkl 1 BOB

Västkustvalpen exhibition in Backamo
Dungen Ready Or Not HP BOB BIS 2 6-9 months
Dungen Ring Of Fire HP BOS
Quite Dungens Precious HP BOB 9-18

Vänersborg national 20150607
Dungen Ready Or Not HP BOB BIS 1 Puppy
Dungen Nice Guy  excellent 1 ck bhkl 1 BOB BIG BIS 1 1
Dungen Keezes Of Heaven excellent 1 CK best female BOS 1



141114:  All the puppies now have new homes! Next puppie-litter are planned for 2015, see Matings.



16th of september Hicka and Lukai got six puppies, one male and five females, see Puppies.



140814: "Hicka" are expecting puppies!


140721: We have mated Keezes King of Heaven "Hicka" HD / B, ED/0.0 with Lukai van Het Earl Kamp HD/A2 ED/0.0 Patella / UA. Both are PHPT negative by heritage and we are hopefully expecting puppies week 38.

Lukai have Dungens Aragorn as grandfather and we then get back some of our Swedish lines along with a new from France.


In the middle of july I am planning to

mate Dungens Keezes of Heaven "Hicka" with Lukai Van Het Earlskamp, see Matings


140527: All the puppies are sold! We are planning to mate Dungens Keezes of Heaven in the autumn.


140426: we have one puppie for sale, see Puppies


One can say that the "grief year" is over ... time to get myself together and sharpen myself.

It have happened a lot:

We have begun to show year with My Dog and it went fantastically well: Friday got Dungen Load in Line "Dio" CK and Dungen Keezes of Heaven "Hicka" was 4th best female, on Saturday, Dio BOB, Swedish champion and qualified for Crufts 2015! Hicka BOS and she also qualified for Crufts 2015 ... I might have to go there next year when we have both male and female qualified :)

Then, we have been to Norway (Bö Telemark) and there was Dio 3rd best male with CAC and Norwegian Champion, and Hicka was also Norwegian Champion.

Dungen Nice Guy "Hugo" has been on a show: SSUK Strängnäs with amazing results: Ex 1 CK BHKL1 CC BOB BIS1 Junior and BIS 4th


A new dog:  Dungens Nice Guy "Hugo"  HD/B ED/0 PHPT Negativ by herritage..   


 2013-09-30 we got puppies from Dungens Don Juan and Dungens Heaven´s on Fire. They are both official HD/ED  and PHPT negative by herritage. There is one male puppy for sale, can be delivered the 24th of november.



Dungens Nice Guy "Hugo" co-owned with Eva Andersson, Repetas kennel =  HD/B and ED/0.



 Dungens Keezez of Heaven was Swedish champion  SEUCH at Backamo, and she also was BOB!!



2013-04-21  Miah got two male puppies, one of them are looking for his own family . Can be delivered 23th june. 


We have one male and one female that are not spoken for,  from Alice and Dennis.





Miah and Harveys puppies are now spoken for.


We have one male and one female from Alice and Dennis puppies that are not

spoken for. They are ready to leave 6th of july.





We have puppies!!  "Miah" and "Harvey" has had puppies! There were four boys and two girls and we have a males that are not spoken for yet!





We have puppies!! Two female and one male and the will be ready to leave home 6th of July. They are after


Dungens Heaven´s On Fire "Alice" and Dungens Born to be Wild "Dennis".  Are you interested , send a mail or give us a call!

We say welcome to Sweden to:"Miah" Keesway Highland Lady At Kees.

She is pregnant with Keez Have You Heard, so these puppies will add a new pedigree to Sweden. It may be a puppie available, but it depends of the number of puppies. If you are interested of a puppie, send a mail or give us a call!



It has happened at lot here at  Dungens, both sad and happy things. I will begin with the sad things:


In July 2011 Suitkees Parel in Goud "Harley" was put to sleep. He was never better in his paw...he could not be still, not even when he has cage-arrest... so he developed a chronic inflammation.


Unda Marina Music Lass has retired.


So.. what has happened that is good?


We have kept a bitch of Alice and Shadow, and she is called "Hicka". A wild and beautiful girl who will soon become one years old. I will take some pictures soon.


Since there was no bitch to me of Harley... I was honored to buy his last daughter "Repetas Candy in Silver "Hayley". A cozy, lovely girl who likes to give us a kees smile.


We have saved a male fron Ninni and Solo´s litter, and he is called Dio. He is a cozy boy, without beeing wimpy.


Our new girl comes in May and she is hopefully pregnant. More info are coming soon.


Dungens kennel was the year´s most successful 2011


Dungens Aurian was the Keeshond of the year 2011 (8 years old)


Unda Marina My Funny Valentine was 4th best Keeshond of the year 2011


Dungens Jolly Roger "Royal" was 8th best Keeshond of the year 2011


Toddhus Aphrodite was best brood of the year 2011




111004:  we have one female puppie for sale, see under puppies.



New results and new pictures of the puppies, now five weeks old.



We have been to dogshows, for more info look at the page "Results", Aurian have a new title at 8 years of old, not bad at all ;)


Congratulations to Dungens Heaven Can Wait "Nalle" who got his second cert 110821 in Eskilstuna, congratulations to the owner Hasse and Anette also.


Congratulations to A-litter : 8 years 9:th of august!!


110806 : We have PUPPIES




We are expecting puppies!


We have been to a dogshow, a BIG congratulation to Iris and Valentines son "Mandus" who got his first CERT

and BOS in Borås.


See more under Results.



Congratulations to Dungens J-Litter who is 1 year 1:th of june!!


We have been to Keeshondringens  annual dogshow, this time in Moheda.


Jazz has also been at Västkustvalpen 2011.


Some pictures from Keeshondringens show is in the gallery.



2011-02-21 Congratulation to my H-litter, two years today!!!



2011-02-21 Dungens Heavens On Fire "Alice" is pregnant :-) The puppies are expected in the end of mars. Pedigree see Puppies.


110123 : We have been to Belgium  and mated our Dungens Heaven´s on Fire "Alice" with Rickees Hugs and Keezes "Shadow" and hopefully we will expecting puppies in the end of mars. A BIG Thank you to Marlene Franky and Marika at Earlskamps kennel for putting up with us for such a long time  :-)


110108-09 : We have been on the first dogshow for the year in Gothenburg, see under results.




101211: Congratulation to my  B-litter, five year  11/12-10




We have been on a show in Örebro and four of the puppies from last litter were there! It was so fun for us to see so many of Ninni and Shadows puppies and their owners at the same time. They were all so talented, and the most succes had our Royal  (Clevenkeesens kennel), he was Best In Show puppy, just amazing!
Aurian and Valentine were also showed, Aurian BOB and Best In Show 3! Valentine BOS.
The there was a show in Växjö .... and what a show it was ...... it was four puppies , no one got hp ... It was seventeen adult dogs and only one of them received ck, what is more, all of those who were not champions got a 2 in quality, this due to tha judge considered that our dogs did not have the gray color according to breed standard, which is incredible! ! We have of course ALL filed a protest, but I think we do not get any money back. this must have been the strangest show  I have ever been through ...





Congratulations to  Dungens Foxy Lady For Beauwood  who is 3 years , and Dungens Iron Maiden &  Dungens Iron Man  who is 1 year  25 september



We have been on a two-day dogshow in Oslo 14 &15/8, Crufts qualifying Saturday and Sunday Norweigan winner 2010. There were fantastic results again!

Saturday : Judge: Claudio De Giuiani from Italy, Unda Marina My Funny Valentine CKK 1 CK 1 Best male CACIB BOS and quailified for Crufts 2011. Dungens Aurian CKK 1 CK Btkl 1 CACIB BOB and quilified for Crufts 2011. She is one of a kind, and I will probably never get a dog like her again, seven years and still going strong!

I do not usually complain but... I did notice how bad some Swedes behave at the shows.... but overall it was a nice muddy day with very nice both Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish dogowers with all sorts of dogbreeds.


Sunday was the Norwegian Winner 2010 : BOB and BOS dogs can win the title NO V-10. The judge was Rose Marie Emery from Sweden and Unda Marina My Funny Valentine CKK 1 CK 2 Best male R-CACIB

Isabel woke up with 38 in fever.. but went along anyway.. Valle turns out better with his owner. Dunges Aurian got sick... and we were very close to pulling her out of the show.. but with help from a guardian angel from Norway who gave her something to stabilize her stomach (not doping classed) she became her usual self again. I asked the little lady if she wanted to compete, and she jumped up and I took that as a yes!


Thank you Sissel for saving the day although you probably would have been BIR with your dog if you do not help me.. wonderful !

Congratulations to BIM and NO V-10 Dungen Aurian CKK 1 CK Btkl 1 CACIB BOB and the title NO V-10, you have never met such a happy second bitch owner (from Finland) , who got CAC and CACIB on both days becaurse Aurian is both international and Nowegian champion.


It was very nice days, happy wonderful people with close to laughter, and thanks to Elizabeth and Thomas on Slaghalls kennel and Aileen and Lars Jewels Whites kennel (both samoyed kennels) for the pleasant time together, I hope we can do it again... Crufts next year???


Now we aim our attention on Sofiero in september.. and SSUK Örebro in October, it will be fun, and maybe it will be puppies in the fall alsa......





We plan to mate "Alice" mother Bella Bonita D´Arlande HD/B ED/0 with CH Dungen Born To Be Wild HD/B

ED/0 (both are negative PHP), week 32, so hopefully there will be puppies at week 41. This is supposed to be Dennis last litter in Sweden. For more info see Matings.




We have been to a dogshow 2010-07-31 at Ransäter, Internationell , Judge: Espen Engh, with Valentine and  Alice and it could not have gone better ....Unda Marina My Funny Valentine CKK 1 CK BHKL 1 BIR CACIB and Dungens Heaven´s On Fire UKL 1 UKK 1 CK BTKL 1 CERT CACIB BIM

If was wonderful to enter the ring with Alice and here the judge say: Ohhh a real kees! That makes you proud as a breeder!



We have been and xrayed Dungens Heaven´s on Fire "Alice" and the outcome could´nt been better... HD/A and ED/0.


2010-08-07 The puppies are starting to go to their new homes, pictures are coming soon.


2010-07-10 Nationell , Alice had to stay at home today, becaurse she is a little to small and this judge is mesuring the dogs. Valentine CKK 1 CK BHKL 1 BIR : 48cm ;-)
Aurian CKK 1 CK BTKL 1 BIM : 45cm


We have been to Tvååker on a two-day-show and It was very hot!

2010-07-09 Internationell ..Valentine CKK 1 CK BHKL 2 CACIB, he needs one CACIB more to became Internationel Champion, so I have to plan som show in Denmark.
Alice UKL 1 UKK 1 HP with no fur....and  in heat....these tenagers ;) 

Aurian CKK 1 CK BTKL 1 BIM CACIB,  she is a fantastic lady, 7 years old and still going strong, she didnt mind the warm wether and loves to show :-)

Tvååker 2010-07-09 Fredrik Nilsson Sverige
Tvååker 2010-07-10 Göran Hallberger Sverige


2010-07-03  We have been to a show Borås, incredibly hot, I was as usual sick from the heat, that I never learns.....The dogs had it cool in theire cages with isbottles and fens.
 Valentine CKK 1 Ck BHKL 2 , Alice uhkl 1 Ukk CK BTKL 4, Aurian blev CKK 2 CK.  A very good day dispite the heat and lack of fur ;) Judge: Carl Gomes, USA

The puppies is six week now, pictures under 


2010-07-04 New photos on the puppies, now four weeks old.


2010-07-04 We will like to congratulate the father of the puppies Rickees Hugs And Keezes to...World Winner 2010....Congratuations also  to the breeder and owner  Esther Kerr  Rickees kennel(kanada)och partowner Marlene och Franky på Earlskamp kennel (Belgien)


2010-06-20 New photos on the puppies.


2010-06-20 Dungens Born To Be Wild "Dennis" has been a father to puppies at   Bergareds kennel  , puppies is available.


2010-06-05 Dungens Aurian  has received confirmation of her international championship and have now also the title CIB


2010-06-05 We have been to a dogshow, more info see Resullts


2010-06-01 We have puppies!


2010-05-30 Some new links!


2010-05-26  We have a 14 months bitch that needs a new home, she is  perfectly healthy, but should not go into breeding. She loves children! Please contact me if you are interested.


2010-05-16 : Ninni is pregnant! Puppies expected to be born about 3 June!


We have been on a show in Larv, with us we have Dennis, Valentine, Aurian, Inca and Alice.

Judge Anita Witmarsh, a very nice woman with close to laughter and lots of humor.

First in came Valentine and Dennis. Valentine won his closs with CK and Dennis was thrid with CK, Best Male was Valentine and Dennis became four.

Then it was time for the juniors, I must admit that I not have trained them much, but they behaved really well.

Alice won the class with HP and Inca were four, not bad at all.

Aurian won her class and became Best bitch, it ended upp with Valentine as BOB and Aurian BOS.

After a long wait, it was time for the group of five final, Valentine was BIG for a judge Rony Doedijns from Holland. 


Then it was time for the Special Kees, again in Larv.
This day  Inca stayed at home, I have never seen a dog get so sick of going by car, poor thing.
Judge today was Arne Foss from Norway, who also was a nice and happy with  close to laughter, wonderful!
First up today was  Dennis and Valentine, and Valentine also won today, but this time with Dennis in second place: both with CK 
Valentine also won Best Male and Best Mover of all kees, he is amazing this guy!
Dennis was second best dog and he also was picked to compete for the Best Mover.
Isabell went in with little Alice and it was probably the last time,  she cried after her "mummy" (Marina) all the time. 
Alice won anyway despite her cries- the class with ck.
Aurian was second in champion class, in the class :Best bitch "mummy" (Marina) showed Alice and the she was silent.. and won Best Bitch class and got her first CK. Guess if we were surprised!

Valentine was BOB this day to, and his daughter Alice , 14 months BOS.

The managers of the show must have a big THANK YOU for a nice and well executed show, with lots of great prized!
You have done a tremendous job!

Yes.. so it was time for Valentine and Isabell to go into the BIS finals .....and I was probably more nervous the Isabell and Valentine...

Judge was Espen Engh and it did not take longer time for him, but it felt like an eternity , and when the annoncer says: in fourth place in group five, a Keeshond.. I was about to faint.. 

To understand how big this is you need to know that in 17 years a Keeshound only has positioned itself in BIS three times, and two were Swedish dogs.

Toni, THANKS for the wonderful dog!!  



2010-04-21:                     We have been in Belgium and visited Marlene and Franky at Earl Fight kennel

where Ninnis "boyfriend" Shadow lives.

So now we have mated CH Unda Marina Music Lass "Ninni"

with CH Rickees Hugs and Keezes "Shadow"

and hopefully there will be puppies in june.

Both are PHPT negative.



Congratulations to Shadows BOB at the dogshow in Europe!!!!  




Dungens Aurian  became the years most winning kees 2009


Dungens Aurian became the years most winning bitch in 2009


Toddhus Afrodite became this years breeding bitch 2009


Dungens  was second most winning kennel after kennel Kittihofs, who became this years breeder



New picture of Rickees Hugs and Keezes : see Matings.






More pictures of Rickees Hugs and Kisses : Matings




 We have been to a dogshow in Stockholm with DungensAurian CKK2 CK btkl 2 r-cacib


We have begun the new year with two shows in Göteborg, and what a success!!!

see Results
The page Matings is updated with a male!!



2009-12-11:    Congratulations to Dungens B-litter : 4 years today!!!!


My males is currently not available for breeding.




We have been on show in Norway. Valentine was BOB and Champion, and he also got the title

Norwegian Winner 2009.

Alice won her class with CK and became reserve in the bitch class.

Aurian got an 1, she was too heavy and large for this judge.

I was a very good day.


We will travel to Belgium this december to meet with a potention male to Unda Marina Music Lass (Ninni)

and meet a breeder from Cananda and Marlene and Franky att Earl Fight kennel, it should also be fun to

see Dungens Crazy In Love (Lover), I have not seen him since he was a a puppy.


The male we plan to use is PHPT Negative and has a very intresting pedigree with some new lines in.




2009-11-18                                   The puppies is now 7 weeks, photos under "Puppies"




It has happened a lot since the last update,

Unfortunately, we lost two of the male puppies during the first week.

The two puppies left is, one male Dungen Iron Man and a bitch Dungen Iron Maiden and they are sold.
I'm very sorry for you who were without puppy.

We have been in Växjö on a show, Dungen Heaven's On Fire "Alice" was BOB puppy with a wonderful critique,

Unda Marina My Funny Valentine went for the first and only time in the open class ... open 1 ökk 1 CK bm 3 cc CHAMPION and yet he had lost most of his fur.

Dungen Aurian  became CKK 3 
We plan to mate Unda Marina Music lass "Ninni" for spring / summer, more about male will come later
A delayed (again) Congratulations to Dungen G-litter was a year of 16 !!!




We have been to a dogshow together with Slaghalls Tassar (Elisabeth och Thomas) 


 so first of all I have to say thanks for all help, I could not have done it without you!


A big THANK YOU and lot of hugs.

Elisabeth took great shoots at Harley, as you can see, thank you for that :-)

We had good weather, met a lot of nice people and got very good results.





Photographer : Elisabeth Jernberg


More pictures: Photographer Aileen Olsen









We have been on a dogshow in Sofiero, it was a great day  in good company with good results.

Dungen Aurian became best bitch and BIR, this was her fourth BIR in a row, not bad.

Dungen Heaven's On Fire "Alice" became 1 HP BIS in puppy class

Best male with CERT and BIM was Leguns Magic Man "Pajas" Congratulations!



Teuton´s Xclusive Candy "Majsan" are mated with  Unda Marina My Funny Valentine "Valle" 


                                 and we are expecting puppies  27 september, see Matings















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